Year 13 
Gordano School

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We are delighted to offer you this bespoke timetable of masterclasses, life & study skills and recreational workshops as a final send off from Gordano.

Attendance is not compulsory but we have built the offer around the sessions you told us you would like on the menu, so we hope to see as many of you as possible.

The Year 13 ‘Bridge’ offers a broad mixture of content – some subject
specific and some sessions to offer you an opportunity to prepare for your
next steps and to say goodbye to staff and peers alike. 

If you wish to attend ANY of the sessions, please click on the timetable link
for further event details and signups via Eventbrite. Numbers are offered
on a first come first served basis.
Deadline for sign up is Friday 28th May.

The Practical Stuff

Registration Desk
There will be a registration desk in the entrance to the Sixth Form building.  You will need to sign in and out here, and collect lanyard (below).

Covid Testing & Masks:
Please take a lateral flow test before arriving on school site, and continue testing during the two week period.
Please have a mask with you and wear this when in transit.  Unless regulations change again, there is no requirement that you wear this in sessions.

We can offer a very limited lunch offer, but we would need you to book in advance as you will not have access to the Sixth Form Café.  

We will have collected your lanyard when you cleared with us but will issue you a new one for each day you are on site (leave them at Registration Desk).

Social Areas:
Depending on school and Government guidance, we will signpost areas where you can socialise between sessions. 

Visit The Bridge:  We will upload as many of the sessions as possible onto the virtual school website after the event….although after a year of remote life, we hope you will want to attend on site if possible.

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