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Six of the best Scout ideas
Dear Future Me – write a postcard to yourself

The game leader should give everyone a postcard and ideas for how far in the future they’d like to send their postcard. The players write or draw a note to their future self. Grownups can help with scribing or spelling.

Storm in a teacup

Make a tornado in a jar using water, sand and a drop of washing-up liquid. “Watch your storm brew, swirl and dissipate,” advise the Scouts.

Fabulous fancy frames

Create a frame for a photograph that makes you smile then make a gallery for everyone to admire. Decorate the border of the frame with pens, stamps, stickers and other photos you have taken.

Mark my words - make a bookmark

“This activity is a chance to get creative, but it also reminds everyone how to look after books,” the Scouts say. “Bookmarks help people remember where they’ve got to without damaging the book. What other materials could bookmarks be made from?”

Weekly wins –
make diaries to record weekly achievements

“Every time the diary owner does something nice or something good happens, they should make a note of it,” say the Scouts. “Each week the group should gather and each person should say as much or as little as they like about how many or how few wins they had that week.”

Changing your coat – make a heraldic coat of arms

Look at an existing coat of arms and choose different colours and animals to design your own shield. Decide what you want the shield to say about you.

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