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Approaching winter, we want to see who can capture the best winter wonderland pictures. Use your phone or camera to take the best photo you can to represent the winter season.

Use the box above and don’t forget your name and tutor group, good luck!


An examination paper is made by taking 5 large sheets of paper, folding the pile in half and stapling it.


The pages are then numbered in order from 1 to 20.


What is the sum of the three page numbers that are on the same sheet of paper as page number 5?

Submit your answer in the box above and don’t forget to add your name and tutor group.

Baking Ingredients


We want to see who can make the best bake! This can be anything you like, from brownies cakes and cookies, to muffins, bread and pies!


Submit a photo of your bake, along with your name and tutor group via the box above to win points for your house!



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