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Year 11 
Gordano School
Sixth Form Induction 2024

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Year 11 Strategy - BRIEFING (2)_preview_

Welcome to Gordano Sixth Form Induction – an engaging and inspiring three days of lessons, workshops and presentations to prepare you for September and to help you make your final subject choices.

Any student wishing to come to Gordano Sixth Form in September needs to complete this induction programme.  Students will have a range of tasks throughout the week and will also be set some summer work in each subject. 

We understand that some students will also be holding offers from other Sixth Forms/Colleges. 

We ask that you liaise with us so that we can work around external induction sessions if we are

able to – please email 

Your timetable for the week:

We expect students to attend all the sessions in bold italics as mandatory.

These are a mix of subject lessons, Study-Plus sessions and other activities.
Please note that students will be sent a personalised timetable week commencing 17th June which will detail subject choices, times, rooms, teachers and all other relevant information for the week.

SUMMARY: A brief summary of the days and times we expect Year 11 to attend:

Monday: 08:45 to 10:45 - Students will be based in the Main Hall. Following that, there will be the first taster lessons until lunchtime, when students can go home.

Tuesday: 11:15 to 15:20 for taster lessons (note the later start time)

Wednesday: 08:45 to 15:20 for taster lessons

Mr Heysham and Mrs Ramsay will be available for meetings after lunch for any students who would like a conversation about courses or any other aspect of Sixth Form.  These can be booked through the Sixth Form Office.

If you are new to Gordano:
Welcome!  We appreciate that we have a big campus and that you may not have been able to visit us on site during your application process.
Please come to the Sixth Form office at 8.45 am on your first day and we will make sure you have a guide.  Please do not hesitate to visit the Sixth Form office at any time if you are lost or have a question!


Year 11 Strategy - BRIEFING (2)_preview_
Bridging Work

Click to open resources


Summer Work
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The Practical Stuff
The Practical Stuff

Need help? 

The Sixth Form office will be staffed throughout the week. This is your first port of call if you have any questions at all!

Equipment: Please bring a paper and pens with you, as well anything extra you might need for specific subjects (calculator for mathematical subjects for example).

Toilets - Please use the Sixth Form toilets

Attendance:  For any absence during the week, please call the Attendance Line for Sixth Form 01275 841380
or email

Dress Code: You do not need to wear school uniform.  We ask Sixth Formers to dress appropriately for a school site
(e.g. no crop tops, beach wear, excessive piercing or body art on display!).

Safeguarding: As you will not be in uniform, we will provide you with a lanyard and ID card and you must display this throughout the week. No exceptions will be made.

Refreshments:  Food and drink can be purchased from the canteen or from the Sixth Form Common Room 
(via ParentPay for current students or by cash for students new to Gordano).  Alternatively you can bring your own refreshments. 

Safety:  In the event of a fire drill or site evacuation, students will be guided towards the 3G courts at the back of the old gym. 

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                 this online platform allows you to access a wealth of information regarding careers, produce your own CV, complete a personality test, record activities that relate to careers and much more. 


You can access the system at and sign in

using your school e-mail address. 


KS4 students should look to investigate future opportunities,
complete the personality test and start writing a CV.

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